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The Last: Naruto The Movie Art Exhibition To Hit Japan

There’s plenty of hype to go around for the upcoming release of the next Naruto film, The Last: Naruto The Movie (expect that title to undergo some revision for the western release, amirite?). The film’s set to debut in Japan December 6.

Now it’s been revealed Japan will get a behind-the-scenes look at the film with a exhibition in 2015.

There hasn’t been too much detail revealed about the exhibition so far, but we’ve been to a few of these in our day, and suspect it’ll have some combination of key art, making-of footage, life-size Naruto statues, and, of course, lots of merch.

As for the film itself, we know series creator Masashi Kishimoto is playing a role with the story and designs, and we’ve seen a short TV teaser. Weekly Shonen Jump has released a handful of production sketches which depict a somewhat older, taller Naruto cast.

Will this really be the last Naruto film? We will find out this December.

Source: The Asahi Shimbun, Anime News Network (2) (3)


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