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Shigeru Miyamoto To Direct Short Film

Shigeru Miyamoto is revered in Japan and across the world for being the man behind Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda and a key player in dozens of other legendary Nintendo titles.

Now the relentlessly genki Miyamoto is branching out – into filmmaking.

He’s directing a short movie with the very literal title Pikmin Short Movie. You probably don’t need three guesses to figure out what it’s about.

Pikmin Short Movie is broken up into three episodes titled “Midnight Juice,” “The Treasure Inside the Bottle,” and “One Tough Day.” It’ll be screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival next month, where anime director Hideaki Anno is set to be honored.

Miyamoto’s seen many of his works adapted into films with varying results. What’ll it look like when he adapts his own game? We’ll find out next month.

Sources: Kotaku

Matt Schley

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