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The Idols of Macross: Where Are They Now?

Walkure, the idols of Macross Delta

The three pillars of long-running space opera Macross are epic space battles, love triangles, and — most of all — music! Every iteration has a memorable sountrack performed by memorable singers. But where are those stars now? If you haven’t kept tabs on the real singers who brought Macross‘s earlier idols to life, we’re putting you in touch with a few of them today:

Mari Iijima (Lynn Minmay)

Lynn Minmay

The original Miss Macross herself, Lynn Minmay went from enchanting the residents of the super-dimensional fortress to playing a key part in the battle against the Zentradi. But what about the singer behind the space star?

Mari Iijima has gone on to a career as a singer/songwriter, releasing songs via her own record label. Her tunes are in both English and Japanese, and can be seen at concerts worldwide. Her website, MariMusic.com, will keep you up to date on her latest ventures — and she has an official fan club for people who want exclusives on her next projects!

Yoshiki Fukuyama (Basara Nekki)

Basara Nekki from Macross 7

The hot-blooded rock star from Macross 7 was voiced by Nobutoshi Canna, but his unmistakable singing voice was provided by Yoshiki Fukuyama. And if you know anything about the world of anison, you know what he’s up to!

Fukuyama is one of the five members of supergroup JAM Project, which provides music for the Super Robot Wars games, as well as series from Getter Robo to Scrapped Princess to Sgt. Frog. He’s got some iconic songs of his own, too — including the absolute banger that is the opening theme to Overman King Gainer.

Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee) and May’n (Sheryl Nome)

Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee

The dueling darlings of Macross Frontier are both still going strong — one previously an established star, the other rising to fame thanks to her role in the series.

May’n (previously May Nakabayashi) took on singing duties for Sheryl Nome, voiced by Aya Endo. The performer hasn’t slowed down, continuing to rock out both with her own tunes and in anime and dramas. You may have heard her performing themes for Kamen Rider Fourze, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, and Restaurant to Another World (alongside Wake Up, Girls!, collectively called Wake Up, May’n!).

As for Megumi Nakajuma, whose career began with a real Miss Macross competition, she’s still going strong. Hear her in Pokémon, Record of Grancrest War, and Phi-Brain, to name a few. She’s even a magical girl, having featured in Happiness Charge PreCure! as Cure Lovely.

All these stars and more (including Walküre, the idol group of Macross Delta) have also teamed up for crossover performances celebrating the history of the series and its amazing soundtracks. Be sure to listen to their songs, no matter where they are!

Kara Dennison

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