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Cells at Work! Movie Offers Volume 4.9 Manga to Theatergoers

cells at work! movieThe always-busy workers in our body are coming to the big screen in a new Cells at Work! movie, Cells at Work!! The Return of the Strongest Enemy. A Huge Uproar Inside the Body’s Bowels! We’ve all been there before, right? The feature hits screens in Japan on September 5, and those who attend screenings will get a special volume 4.9 manga.

The volume comes in at 32 pages, and includes chapter 19.5 of the manga. Created by original author Akane Shimizu, the chapter serves as a prequel to the story of volume five. The bonus booklet also includes an interview with director Hirofumi Ogura and a conversation between Red Blood Cell VA Kana Hanazawa and White Blood Cell VA Tomoaki Maeno.

Here’s a sample of the volume’s cover:

As previously reported, the movie will include a short episode, Platelets Go to a Movie Theater.

Via Crunchyroll