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The BURN THE WITCH Film Has Us Wanting More

The Burn the Witch film has us wanting more

Bleach creator Tite Kubo takes readers to Reverse London in BURN THE WITCH, a manga series about a world where dragons both exist and are highly legislated. This year, the manga became a one-shot film. And we’re in love.

One movie — or three episodes — introduced us to Ninny and Noel’s world, and all the things they encounter. While it takes place in the same continuity as Bleach, newcomers can appreciate the story without knowing a thing about Kubo’s big-name series. With one story arc successfully handled, we still want more. A “second season” of the manga is on the way, meaning the story will continue in some form. In the meantime, here’s what we love best about first manga season’s anime outing.


A Fantastic Odd Couple

Noel and Ninny

BURN THE WITCH heroines Ninny and Noel are immediately fun. The former is a rock star in Front London (that is, the London we know). The latter is her deadpan partner in the Pipers: a magical group that oversees dragon activity in Reverse London. The two couldn’t be more different, and that’s what makes them work so well together.

The one thing they have in common is they’re not in the Pipers to do good or serve the public. Noel wants the cash. Ninny, well paid top-side, wants the achievement points so she can get her dream promotion. Beyond that, they’re a perfectly imperfect pair.


World Building

The World of Burn the Witch

Here there be dragons — if by “here” you mean “Reverse London.” That’s the big difference: dragons and magic. Dragons in BURN THE WITCH are also highly legislated. Without proper training and licensing, coming in contact with one could get you either jailed or killed. Just how dangerous are these beasties? They’ve killed 72% of the residents of London. They also carry “Dragotoxin,” which infects people who come in contact with it. Most Front London residents can’t see dragons, leaving Reverse London (and its branch of Soul Society) to clean up. The setting is nicely self-contained, so you can immerse yourself in it whether you’re a Bleach fan or a new arrival. And speaking of dragons…



The cuteness that is Osushi (and Balgo)

Not to get too specific, but we can’t help loving this adorable little critter. I mean, look at him. This little Disguiser Dragon is part Pomeranian, part winged beastie, and all fluff. Well, usually.

Osushi belongs to the Dragonclad known as Balgo, and isn’t nearly as innocent as he looks. We’ll hand wave him for the most part, though. We wouldn’t be able to resist cuddling this threat to humanity, either.

You can watch BURN THE WITCH in its three-episode format. There’s no telling what’ll happen next in this series, but we’re looking forward to more as soon as possible!

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