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Teaser for Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Saya Zamurai

It’s Friday, and I think one thing we can all agree upon come the end of the week is that it’s “trailer time.” That’s right, shake off yet another gauntlet of work and/or school, and dig into this 30-second teaser for comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Saya Zamurai.

Starring Takaaki Nomi, Saya Zamurai follows a samurai who’s put down his sword, and now wanders about with his daughter in tow. It’s not going to be that simple, however, as the act of abandoning his position results in a price being placed on his head. Once both he and his daughter are captured, the only thing that will free them is a unique chance at acquittal courtesy of an eccentric feudal lord.

You won’t find much that adds clarity to this brief synopsis in the teaser below, but give it a watch for a peek at the film’s look.

Source [Nippon Cinema]