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Funimation Adds Freezing to Their Simulcast Lineup

The latest series to join Funimation’s lineup of shows set to broadcast mere moments after their original Japanese airing has a title appropriate for the season (at least in my neck of the woods).

Freezing—adapted from a manga by Lim Dall-Young and Kim Kwang-Hyun—will run 12 episodes, with the first set to stream on January 24. Takashi Watanabe (Ikki Tousen, Slayers) directs this production out of A.C.G.T.; here’s a portion of the synopsis from Funi’s press release:

Earth has been invaded and is at war with aliens from another dimension called the Nova. Kazuya Aoi lost his sister in the fight and has enrolled in Genetics, a military academy. There,  Pandoras and Limiters, genetically modified girls with super fighting skills, and their male partners who use special “freezing” powers to limit their opponent’s mobility, are trained to fight against the Nova. Kazuya befriends Satellizer el Bridget, a powerful Pandora with a cold personality, and becomes her Limiter.

Funimation will add a new episode each week following the debut of episode one on Monday, January 24 at 9:30 a.m. CST. Hopefully Freezing won’t run into any Fractale-esque snags along the way.