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Take KONOSUBA’s Megumin on the Go with New Talking App


KADOKAWA’s Book Walker company has officially launched a new brand of talking apps called ISEKAI, with the first entry available on Android in Japan today. In an appropriate move for an app with that kind of name, the first title is based on KONOSUBA: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, with Megumin front and center in the spotlight.

With the help of voice synthesis technology, the Rie Takahashi-voiced Megumin will talk to you in the form of conversations as well as alarm, timer, and stopwatch functionality. There will also be costumes available along with the free download, and additional premium content will be available for purchase. 

Here’s how the chatting, alarm, and timer functions look, from left to right:

The iOS version will follow in May, and there should be an international version on the way sometime after that. Stay tuned to see which characters make the cut in future versions of the app.

Source: Book Walker press release via Crunchyroll