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Sword Art Online Director Has New Anime in the Works

sword art online director

Sword Art Online director Tomohiko Ito—also known for TV anime like ERASED and Silver Spoon—has something new in the works. The director’s next project is set to be revealed on January 23, with airing planned as part of Fuji TV’s noitaminA block this April. So, what do we know so far?

Well, there’s not a whole lot to go on at the moment. At the time of this writing, the only other names attached are voice actor Mamoru Miyano (Light in Death Note, Rintaro in Steins;Gate) and dancer/actor Yusuke Onuki.

The January 23 video reveals will include cast comments and a first look at the project when they appear at Shinjuku’s YUNIKA STATION and the Hareza Ikebukuro HareSuta LED Vision screen.

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