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Super Nintendo World Getting Huge Donkey Kong Section

Super Nintendo World in Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan has had some hiccups from opening during the middle of COVID, which caused delays and means not as many people will visit as they would otherwise. Despite these setbacks, they’re already going full steam ahead with expanding this section of the park. So far Super Nintendo World has just been about Mario and his pals, but soon there’s going to be a whole section dedicated to Donkey Kong.

The Donkey Kong section won’t be ready until 2024, but they already have big ideas for it. It will include its own roller coaster, and of course it will have food and merchandise themed to DK. And once it’s all in place, it will make Super Nintendo World 70% larger. It’s estimated it will cost about $56 million to make.

Shigeru Miyamoto, who created both Mario and Donkey Kong, had this to say:

“Following up on the Mario world, I’m very excited to bring Donkey Kong’s world into our own! We’re working with the talented staff at Universal Studios to make some thrilling Donkey Kong experiences. It’ll still be a little while before they’re ready, but we’re hoping to create an area with unique experiences that even people who haven’t played the Donkey Kong series games will enjoy.”

The Super Nintendo World that already exists at Universal Studios Japan includes “Super Mario Kart Ride” (of course) and “Yoshi’s Adventures,” along with plenty of themed food, merchandise and things to do.

Universal also wants to do more Nintendo themed park areas, and not just in Japan. Orlando’s Epic Universal theme park is in the process of being put together, with its opening planned for 2025. It’s also supposed to have a Super Nintendo World section in it.

Are you interested in Nintendo sections of theme parks?

Source: ANN


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