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Super Cub Anime Shares Sweet New Key Visual

super cub animeIf you’re in need of a daily dose of adorable, look no further than the new visual for the Super Cub anime. The anime adaptation of Tone Koken’s light novel series premieres in Japan on April 7, and the latest preview features the main trio of high school girls as they enjoy some refreshingly sweet soft serve ice cream.

The Super Cub anime follows high-schooler Koguma, who has no family, friends, or hobbies. That changes when she discovers the Honda Super Cub 50 upon entering high school, thus kicking off a new fascination with the motorcycle and a connection to new friends.

The visual below features Koguma (voiced by Yuki Yomichi), Reiko (Ayake Nanase), and Shii Eniwa (Natsumi Hioka).

Yuki Yomichi commented on her role as Koguma:

Like Koguma, I got my motorcycle license when I was in high school and rode it a lot for various purposes, including going to school. I loved to play outside since I was a little kid, and I took a detour on my bike every day after school before going home. There was no one else around me who rode motorcycles, but I didn’t feel lonely at all. I think it was because I looked at my bike as if it were my partner. The time I spent with my bike became my youth itself. The anime “Super Cub” is a wonderful series that gives us the beauty of everyday life with motorcycles, which seems so ordinary, with a nostalgic feeling. I’m sure you’ll like it too! I am truly grateful to have encountered this wonderful anime.

The Super Cub anime will stream in English via Funimation.

Via Crunchyroll