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Studio Trigger Creates Trigger Girls Art Book for Comiket

Trigger fans heading to this month’s Comic Market in Tokyo should make a beeline for the studio’s booth.

That’s because Trigger, the folks behind Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia and Kiznaiver have created a special, limited-edition artbook for the festival entitled Trigger Girls Art Book.

The artbook, which will be on sale at Comiket from December 29 to 31 and goes for ¥1,500 (about $13), is full of illustrations of the Trigger website’s original mascot, Trigger-chan, from Trigger animators like Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masaru Sakamoto and artists like hima://KAWAGOE and Tokiya Sakba.

We guess that makes it less Girls Art Book than, y’know, Girl Art Book, but we won’t begrudge non-English speakers one little “s.”

Trigger is also planning to sell in-between cels from Kill la Kill at their booth. The cels will come in packs of three and sell for ¥2,000 (about $17).

Though Trigger hasn’t specified how many books or cels it’s selling, we cannot imagine either item will last too long.

Source: Kai-You

Matt Schley

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