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Masaaki Yuasa, Tatami Galaxy Staff Reunite For Theatrical Film

We’ve been hearing for a while now that Science Saru, the studio run by mad genius Masaaki Yuasa (Ping-Pong, Kick-Heart) was working on a new anime film.

Now we know what.

Yuasa and the team behind the 2010 anime series The Tatami Galaxy are back for a sequel, of sorts: an adaptation of the novel Yoru wa Mijikaishi Arukeyo Otome by Tatami Galaxy author Tomihiko Morimi.

The novel, whose title translates The Night is Young, So Let’s Go For a Walk Girl, like Tatami Galaxy, takes place in Kyoto, and many characters from that novel appear.

The whole Tatami Galaxy gang is here: directed by Yuasa, the film will be penned by Makoto Ueda, and characters will be designed by Yusuke Nakamura. Music comes courtesy Michiru Oshima and Asian Kung-fu Generation.
The main character, known only as Sempai, will be played by Gen Hoshino (Buddha, Saint Young Men).

The film debuts April 7 in Japan.

Interestingly, this won’t be the first time Yuasa and co. have taken a stab at Yoru wa Mijikaishi Arukeyo Otome: several characters from the novel make an appearance in the short specials that were included in the Tatami Galaxy home video release in Japan.

We are pretty giant Masaaki Yuasa fans over here, and can’t wait for this film to hit screens.

Source: ANN

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