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Studio Khara Hiring Animators for Fourth Evangelion Film

We’ve been hearing for the past few weeks that work on the latest, long-delayed Evangelion film is progressing, and here’s the surest sign yet: Khara, the studio behind the films, is hiring animators.

Khara updated its recruiting page April 15, and is looking for in-between animators, animation runners and staff members for its digital animation section.

Like at most studios, in-betweeners will be paid on a consignment basis (i.e. per completed frame) plus a ¥40,000 (around $370) flat monthly fee.

Potential recruits are required to submit a “design, sketch, illustration, everyday rough drawing, etc.” that displays their skill, as well as a cover letter that describes what they “are able to and want to do.” Those invited for an interview are given a practical test.

The deadline is the end of June, which means long-awaited fourth and final Renewal of Evangelion film is finally getting underway.

Source: Yaraon

Matt Schley

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