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Studio Ghibli Co-Founder and More Receive Anime Achievement Award

studio ghibli co-founder

Image credit: Dominique Charriau/Wireimage/Getty Images

Eight people will be receiving the 2021 Tokyo Anime Award Festival’s Achievement Award. Let’s take a look at who is being honored for growing and elevating anime throughout their lifetime.

First up, to no one’s surprise, is Studio Ghibli co-founder and producer Toshio Suzuki. Next up is Momoko Sakura, the mangaka behind Chibi Maruko-chan. She unfortunately passed away two years ago, but this award shows how strong of a legacy she’s left.

Mobile Suit Gundam director Yoshiyuki Tomino is also one of the recipients, along with Dragon Ball Z scriptwriter Takao Koyama. Animator Toshitsugu Saida of Gauche the Cellist; film editor Takeshi Seyama of Akira; Heidi, Girl of the Alps opening singer Kayo Ishu; and The Legend of the Galactic Heroes voice actor Michio Hazama round off the other winners.

The actual festival is scheduled to take place in March, and it will showcase work by all of the Achievement Award winners.

Source: Anime News Network


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