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Otaku USA’s Top 5 Naruto Action Figures

Very few anime have captured our imagination like Naruto. Nothing like watching an underdog ninja fight alongside his friends to achieve their dreams and save the world in the process. Interesting characters, amazing abilities, and incredible story arcs are skillfully woven together, resulting in a show that has run for many years as well as has spawned a sequel so we can continue our adventures together. There isn’t much more you could ask for from an anime.

With that in mind, what better way is there to honor these beloved characters than to have action figures of them in your home? Any anime lover will tell you that having a physical representation of your favorite characters is the best thing ever! Otaku USA has done some hunting in the figurine world to find our top 5 Naruto action figures to grace your shelves or shrines.

5) Two for One

Our number 5 is a duo of chibi figurines that hardcore fans will recognize. Kakashi and Obito are dressed in their iconic outfits and wish to grace your humble abode. Each stands ready for battle or for a friendly skirmish with each other to test their skills. These precious mini-figures come with a collectible card made especially for this set.

Pros: Chibi lovers will gush over how these two powerhouses have been translated from their original designs into what you see now. You can easily see that their Sharingans have been activated and they’re itching for a fight! Their outfits do include iconic touches, such as masks and weapons. They are also in stock as of writing.

Cons: This last pick on our list stands at just under 3”, so you’d have to make sure these cuties are easily seen on your shelf. Though they come with little clear stands to be placed upon, they do not appear to be poseable. What you see is what you get with these two. So, if two murderballs of anger are what you need for your collection, this will work great for you!

4) Our Hero, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Naruto Sage of the Six Paths Nendoroid

Naruto joins the fray as our 4th pick on this list. Chibi lovers rejoice as they see our main character in this chibi-fied version of his powerful form! Accessories and interchangeable faceplates allow you to customize your favorite ninja to match your vision!

Pros: The Sage of the Six Paths translates well into this chibi form. Besides being poseable, he comes with a stand to accommodate whatever fight pose you desire him to take on. With three face plates, Truthseeker orbs, Six Paths Rod, and a Tailed Beast Bomb Rasen-Shuriken are included to add some amazing dimension to your battlefield. As of writing this piece is in stock!

Cons: The reason for the low ranking on our list is due to that he is a chibi form, so those who prefer a show-accurate version of the Sage of the Six paths form will have to move on. He stands at 4” so unless you make this pick front and center of your collection, he may blend into the background, even with the bright colors of his attire.

3) A Man and His Raven

Itachi Uchiha GEM series figure

Everyone, please welcome Itachi Uchiha as our 3rd pick. Standing under 10”, this member of the Akatsuki group appears to us in a relaxed pose. Standing with a raven perched on his arm, he looks like a different man. One would never tell that this was the same person who destroyed the Uchiha clan! May still be best to view him from a distance, just in case.

Pros: This one stands out from the other show realistic choices as we view a character at rest instead of in attack mode. He stands relaxed as he gazes at his bird companion. His cloak drags behind him on the ground as he takes a moment to breathe before planning his next move. The details are remarkable! From his sharingan eyes to the iconic cloak, this is a thing of handsome beauty! His eyes still hold signs of a tortured soul, even though his stance is rather peaceful. The raven, posed to fly, does seem to be removable if you’d rather have this ninja bad boy stand serenely alone in your shrine. This choice is in stock as of writing so you’ll be able to obtain this amazing specimen quickly!

Cons: If more action-oriented pieces are your style, this won’t live up to your standards. He is out of battle and not ready to go any time soon. The raven is a nice touch, but it’s not as impressive as his perch. Also, more background parts would be nice. Perhaps a stand or other articles would make this a stronger contender. This one also is a static piece, so even if you wanted your favorite villain to stop dragging his garment on the ground, you’ll have to go with another figurine.

2) Do NOT Mess with Momma

Coming in as our 2nd choice is the mother of our main character. Uzumaki Kushina stands just under 8”, but don’t underestimate her! Her face shows the calm serenity of a proud mother while “Kingou blockade” appears ready, willing, and able to do her bidding. This is a piece that shows great honor for this lovely lady.

Pros: This one is very show accurate! The dynamic pose shows power and elegance for this mean fighting momma. Her brilliant red hair flies about her as she gazes calmly at her opponents. To face her means that you’ve already lost this battle! Like our number 1, you could have sworn that someone pulled her straight from a fight scene from the show. This is another labor of love for us to enjoy!

Cons: The reason why this one comes at number 2 is that although it is a dazzling piece, it doesn’t have the same presence as Hinata’s. The lack of background components seems to take away from the overall experience of viewing this piece. This one is also on preorder. She is set to release in March, meaning she will be available sooner than Hinata. This statuette also appears to be a solid piece so no dice in repositioning her to reenact other scenes.

1) Hinata in Action

Hinata Naruto Gals DX Ver 3 Naruto Shippuden Figure

Our number one pick shows off Hinata Hyuga in all her strength and glory! Byakugan activated, her “Twin Lion Fists” are ready for battle. Standing just under 14”, this beautifully crafted piece will be the envy of all as they view this vision of absolute girl power!

Pros: This figurine shows our shy female heroine isn’t all that she seems. You can feel the strength of her attack building as wind and debris are blown about her. Her dynamic pose shows her in mid-strike, twin lions flanking her that are ready to do her bidding. Her face shows her determination in protecting her love, her friends, and the world if needed from whatever threat she’s up against. You can tell that the creators of this piece know their craft well for she looks like she came out of the anime. Someone may have just cut her out of a scene since she is that well sculpted!

Cons: Biggest con is that this choice is only available for preorder as of the time of writing. It’s not set to release till April 2021. If you don’t mind the wait, by all means, go ahead to reserve your figurine as soon as possible! For those who prefer the more possible versions over static ones, this one does seem to be one piece, meaning that you can’t change her pose to match your imagination. Still, this is a truly breathtaking piece that any otaku would love to possess!

Action figures are amazing, and these from our favorite ninja anime are no different! We have displays of amazing girl power to iconic heroes in chibi form. Whatever you’re looking for, we hope that you’ll find something on our list to tickle your fancy and make your life complete!

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