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Stream the First Seven Minutes of Gundam UC

Are you hankering for a peek at Mobile Suit Gundam UC (AKA Unicorn), but just can’t wait any longer? Don’t fret, and don’t resort to anything we wouldn’t legally recommend, no matter how tempting, as Bandai Channel has offered up a stream of the first seven minutes.

Aside from the default English dub, there’s a wealth of subtitle options, including French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese. The first episode will premiere at Viz Cinema in San Francisco, where it will run dubbed in English from March 19 to March 25.

The first part of the series, based on Harutoshi Fukui’s light novels, will also be seeing a simultaneous March 12 release on Blu-Ray, with DVDs hitting multiple regions at once, as well. Check out the streaming preview here.

Will you be purchasing Gundam UC when it hits retailers?

Source [ANN]

Image © Sotsu, Sunrise