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Things the US Needs: Kamen Cider

When I stumbled upon these savory images this morning via Japanator, I immediately wanted to reach into my very computer screen, nab a can, pop the top and get the kind of Rider Kick only a can of Kamen Cider can provide.

This may almost fall in the “how is this news?” category, but I beg the question… how isn’t it? Seriously, the design of the cans alone is genius; they make me want to don a ridiculous costume and run around with my arms to the side while I make that pbbbbttt airplane flying noise.

With nine costumed cans to collect, my wallet better hope I never find a link to import these. All hail DyDo, who previously released Ultra Cider, a tasty beverage based on, you guessed it, Ultraman.

Source [CNN Go via Japanator]