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Stay Fresh with Kuroko’s Basketball Deodorant

When dressing up as your favorite anime and manga characters just doesn’t cut it, sometimes you gotta go the extra mile and smell like them. Or at least protect yourself from smells like them… or something. That’s what Premium Bandai seems to be aiming for with its new line of deodorant based on popular sports manga and anime Kuroko’s Basketball

The line features six themed scents based on different teams from the series. Each unit—available to purchase from the Premium Bandai online store—is priced at ¥972 ($7.88) and contains 150ml of deodorant.

Here’s the full lineup:

Seirin High has a “light, fruity” scent:

Kaijō High is “grapefruit”:

Shūtoku High has a “woody citrus” scent:

Tōō Academy boasts a “white musk” scent:

Yōsen High rolls with a simple “soap” scent:

And Rakuzan High comes bold with “citrus musk”:

Source: Otajo.jp via Crunchyroll