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Slurpin’ Super Saiyan Soda

Know the cool thing about living in Japan? Silly anime product tie-ins! There’s a company in Japan called DyDo, and they have a bunch of vending machines all over the place, alongside majors like Suntory and Asahi. DyDo machines are kinda cool in that they talk to you, and if you’re really lucky you can get a free drink! Isn’t that wild? So, lately I’ve noticed cans in DyDo machines done up like Goku’s gi (next to a Kamen Rider themed can, natch) titled “Foaming Kamehameha Orange Soda” so I obviously had to see what was up.

I put my 110 yen in, and out came a can adorned with not Goku’s gi, but Yamcha’s getup from the original Dragon Ball. A glance at the back of the can shows that there are nine different designs, all pulled from the original Dragon Ball. They even tell you a little bit about Yamcha on the back. Up further examination, the can also boasts that the drink contains the “Powerful Combination of Seven,” that being vitamins B1, 2 ,6, 12, C, niacin, and pantothenic acid, respectively.

The taste? Shockingly, it tastes like… orange soda. Just like a Fanta, in fact. That said, my favorite DyDo drink is their classic sugar filled orange drink, so I guess orange flavored things are difficult for them to screw up. And hey, the can is nice! Worth my 110 yen, I think.

Link: https://www2.dydo.co.jp/product/hukkokudo/hero/dragon/