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Singer ELISA Says Former Manager Sexually Harassed, Assaulted Her

Content warning: This article discusses sexual harassment and assault. 


Singer ELISA, who has sung theme songs for Nabari no Ou, A Certain Scientific Railgun and Hayate the Combat Butler, has accused her former manager of sexual harassment and assault.

The story was broken by Japanese publication Daily Shincho and picked up by Anime News Network. ELISA said her work with this unnamed manager started in 2018 at the Smile Company talent management agency. Over time, she says, he would kiss and touch her inappropriately, and demand graphic sexual favors. Because she had a contract and feared losing her job, she felt she had to “suppress her feelings.”

Apparently ELISA did report her complaints to her management agency in November 2019. Then, ELISA says, the company admitted these things were going on, but proposed that she had consented, and therefore none of this was harassment. They implied it was just a “lover’s quarrel.”

ELISA’s contract with the company has ended, which appears to be why she’s speaking up now.

Source: Anime News Network


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