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Silver Spoon Manga’s Final Volume Comes with a Silver Spoon

silver spoon mangaThe final collected volume of Fullmetal Alchemist author Hiromu Arakawa’s Silver Spoon manga is about to make its way to Japanese shelves, and the special edition will include a very appropriate bonus. Due out on February 18, this version packs the 15th volume with an actual silver spoon and a postcard-size diploma of Ooezo Agricultural High School.

The spoon comes from Tsubame Sanjo, an area in Niigata highly regarded for its metal work. Those who want the version with the bonuses will need to pay ¥1,091 (about $10) for the honor of owning their very own spoon.

Here’s the spoon, which is engraved with the school mottos of Work, Cooperation, and Unfair.

The volume itself:

The Diploma:

And some bonus stickers that will be given to those who purchase the earlier volumes starting on February 14:

Via Crunchyroll