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SHOW BY ROCK!! Live-Action Music Video Crowdfunding Blows Past Its Goal

show by rock!!

Fans of Sanrio’s SHOW BY ROCK!! franchise really want to see a live-action music video. Multiple projects are in the works to celebrate the 10th anniversary—with the aptly titled Road to 2022!! Aim for the 10th Anniversary! SHOW BY ROCK!!! Five Big Projects! having kicked off in March—and the first phase includes “a music video project with rockers for a new song!” Two crowdfunding campaigns recently went live for the video, and the Campfire campaign already more than beat its goal by over 500 percent.

The Campfire crowdfunding aimed to raise ¥1,500,000 (about US$13,700) for the video. With less than a week to go until its May 21 conclusion, the campaign has raised a whopping ¥7,900,504, which adds up to about $72,325. So far, 630 backers have contributed to the project.

Once the video is complete, it will go live on the official SHOW BY ROCK!! YouTube channel, and will also be featured on the “Trigger Rock” single’s bonus disc this year.

Via Crunchyroll