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Short Manga Moshi Moshi, Terumi Desu Gets Anime Adaptation

Short Manga Moshi Moshi, Terumi Desu Gets Anime AdaptationMoshi Moshi, Terumi Desu (Hello, This Is Terumi), a short manga by Etsuko Mizusawa, is getting an anime adaptation.

Moshi Moshi, Terumi Desu is a short, full-color comic that runs in Big Comic Spirits magazine. The slice of life manga tells the story of Terumi, a woman who works for a cell phone company and hates the internet.

Etsuko Mizusawa is known for josei and slice of life manga such as Hana no Zubora Meshi, Oshiete. Poko-sensei and Yako to Poko. She also wrote a chapter for the I Am A Hero anthology 8 Tales of the ZQN in 2016.

Source: Comic Natalie

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