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Shokotan Gives Advice on Sexual Harassment and Bullying on the Job

Shoko Nakagawa, a.k.a. Shokotan, has been a professional in the entertainment world for more than two decades. During that time she’s shown off her skills as an on-screen actress, voice-over actress, singer and artist, and she recently gave some show business advice on her Twitter account.


The Japanese website grape provided this translation for her tweet:

“My thoughts on watching the news
To young people dreaming of a career in the entertainment industry:

Absolutely never accept any offers based on workplace bullying or sexual harassment!
Those people don’t have any power to begin with.
If you go along with that kind of thing, not only will it not lead to any work but you’ll never become successful either.

That’s not the kind of world this is.”

While Shokotan is vague on what news story she saw, grape suggested it could have been about actor Houka Kinoshita. There had been accusations against him that he demanded sexual favors from women in order for them to get jobs as actresses. Later, he confessed and declared he was leaving the entertainment business (at least for a while). But as grape pointed out, this is far from the only example of something like this happening.

And, as one Japanese netizen responding to Shokotan noted, bullying and sexual harassment can happen in all kinds of jobs, not just in the entertainment business: “I hear such stories not only in the entertainment industry. I hope that young people starting their careers will be careful.”

In the few days that Shokotan’s tweet has been up, it’s gotten more than 5,000 likes. Some other comments underneath include:

“Society as a whole must continue to say NO to sexual harassment and workplace bullying!”
“As a 20-year veteran, Shokotan is very persuasive when she says this.”

What do you think about Shokotan’s comments on the matter?

Source: grape


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