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Shirobako Team Working On Theatrical Anime

Fans of Shirobako, hold onto your hats.

The team behind the 2014-15 series, which detailed the lives of anime creators, are at work on an anime made for theatrical distribution, according to a tweet from the official Shirobako Twitter account.

“This has nothing to do with Shirobako,” reads the tweet, “but we’re currently getting ready to announce a theatrical work.”

The tweet goes on to say that the team is experiencing a lot of new and difficult things working on a theatrical film and that it’s different from making a TV series in many respects.

Commenters on 2chan speculated alternatively that “nothing to do with” is a ploy and it’s a Shirobako feature, that they’re simply helping out on some other studio’s film, or even that it was just a personal tweet from the person who runs the account.

Several commenters pointed out that P.A. Works, who created Shirobako, rarely do sequels, further dampening expectations that this is anything Shirobako-related.

Shirobako or not, we’re looking forward to finding out what this theatrical anime might be.

Source: Yaraon

Matt Schley

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