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Shield Hero Stage Play Goes Audience-Free for Home Video

shield hero stage play

The spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) around the world has forced the entertainment industry to get even more creative with their strategies. In the case of The Rising of the Shield Hero stage play, all of the upcoming Osaka and Tokyo performances have been postponed, but that didn’t stop the show from going on in other ways.

On March 27, the cast performed the play without an audience, and the results were filmed for a release on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan. Those who want to own a part of the event can purchase the official pamphlet for ¥2,500 (about $23), with products to be shipped three business days after payment, and the ¥7,000 ($65) DVD and ¥7,500 ($70) Blu-ray are currently set to ship this September.

Source: Official blog via Crunchyroll