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Seven Seas Survey Offers Prizes, Asks What You Want Licensed

seven seas

Publisher Seven Seas is asking for your opinion!

If you follow the link, it leads you to a survey that asks you 13 questions. Questions include “What non-licensed MANGA would you like us to license and publish in English?” and “Are you interested in print versions of webcomics?” and “Approximately how many manga/light novel volumes do you purchase per month?”

Seven Seas makes it clear that there are benefits to your filling out the survey, besides them possibly licensing titles you want to see over here: “As a special bonus, anyone who takes this survey gets a 500 JPY OFF coupon for any Seven Seas or Ghost Ship ebook on BOOKWALKER until February 4th! A link will pop up when you complete the survey. Answer the following questions and you’ll be entered in a raffle for a free volume of ANY PAPERBACK WE’VE PUBLISHED IN 2020 (your choice) delivered right to your door!”

You may only take the survey once for accuracy’s sake, and Seven Seas explains, “Multiple entries from the same person will be deleted and disqualified.”

Source: Seven Seas


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