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Seven Seas Announces A Ton of New Manga, Light Novel Releases

Seven Seas has a lot going on in the world of publication, and they’ve been tweeting up a storm to show all their new releases.


Yes, No, or Maybe is coming out today:

So are Who Says Warriors Can’t be Babes?  and the second volume of their new Dororo series.

Here is a new series and a continuation of a series.


They have more light novels and the final volume of a short romcom series.

Unicorns and ponies!


There’s more of the High-Rise Invasion manga, which has an anime coming out from Netflix.

More from the Evangelion world:

A very different sort of take on the story of the golem.

More yuri and an all-women theatre group.

And then Seven Seas got into their brand-new announcements:


And last but not least:

Are you excited for these new releases?


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