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Sentai Releases Chihayafuru 3 Dubbed Trailer, Dub Cast Information

Chihayafuru 3 (a.k.a. the third season of Chihayafuru) comes out on home video on July 27 and is available for pre-order. Sentai Filmworks shared information on the dub cast and crew, as well as a trailer to hear the English dubbed voices.

Luci Christian plays Chihaya, Blake Shepard plays Arata, Adam Gibbs plays Taichi, Bryson Baugus plays Desktomu, Juliet Simmons plays Kanade, Greg Ayres plays Porky and Yukari, Maggie Flecknoe plays Sumire, Gareth West plays Akihito, James Belcher plays Dr. Harada, Vicki Barosh plays Mrs. Miyauchi, Shannon Emerick plays Young Arata, and Chelsea McCurdy plays Young Taichi.

Shannon D. Reed is the director and Joel McCray is the ADR writer. Sentai gave this description of the third season:

“Chihaya Ayase’s obsession with the card game Karuta has already begun to bear fruit, and the fledgling Mizusawa High School competitive team that she helped form has stunned the karuta playing community by winning the national high school team tournament. That’s just the beginning for Chihaya, however, and now the young card mistress has set her sights on an even more impossible task: taking on grand master Wakamiya Shinobu and wresting the title of Queen away for herself. As difficult as everything has been before, it will seem easy compared to the task now ahead of her, and her teammates look to be equally challenged, especially Taichi Mashima, who’s finally made it to Class A. Has he finally learned enough to challenge Arata Wataya? Only the cards know the future as Chihaya and Crew hit the decks in CHIHAYAFURU 3!”

Source: Sentai Filmworks


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