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Sci-fi Anime s-CRY-ed Turns 17 Years Old Today

Sci-fi Anime s-CRY-ed Turns 17 Years Old TodayIn the US, July 4 means celebrating the declaration of our independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. But in Japan, July 4 marks another significant occasion: the airing of the first episode of s-CRY-ed!

The sci-fi series debuted July 4, 2001, making it 17 years old today.

s-CRY-ed was created by director Goro Taniguchi, who wanted to expand on the themes explored in 1999’s Infinite Ryvius. The series takes place in an alternate-universe Japan, in which 1% of the population has gained superpowers.

The series ran for 26 episodes and was followed by a manga, light novel and two feature films.

In the U.S., s-CRY-ed ran on Adult Swim in 2005, and was released by Bandai Entertainment. Here’s how Bandai described volume 1:

The aftermath of a mysterious environmental catastrophe has left the land in complete desolation! While mankind has been able to rebuild the city, the catastrophe has caused some humans to undergo genetic mutations granting them special powers and abilities. These genetically enhanced humans are known as Alters.

Kazuma has spent his entire life in the wastelands relying on his special powers to survive, but when a secret organization called ‘Holy’ threatens to take away his freedom, he will be left with a choice to join or die. His fight to seek the truth behind the ‘Holy’ will rage and consume humanity and Alter alike!

Happy birthday, America! And happy birthday, s-CRY-ed!

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