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Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement Anime Sets Debut Date

saving 80,000 gold

In October we got word that the Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement anime will drop in January, and now that date has been narrowed down further. According to the anime’s official website, the adaptation of FUNA’s light novel series is officially set to premiere in Japan on January 7.

Ahead of that, an advanced screening of the first two episodes is bound for the Shinjuku Wald 9 theater in Tokyo on December 20, with cast members set to attend. 

Crunchyroll will stream the anime, which is being directed by Hiroshi Tamada, with scripts by Akihiko Inari and animation production by Felix Film.

Here’s how Kodansha USA describes the story:

One day, Mitsuha falls off a cliff and is transported to a medieval Europe–type world! After a near-death encounter with a pack of wolves, she then realizes that she’s able to transport between two worlds—this one and her own. Taking advantage of this ability, Mitsuha decides to live in both worlds and calculates that she’ll need 80,000 gold coins to be able to retire! Mitsuha now has to come up with different ways to collect her gold coins!

Via Anime News Network