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RPG Real Estate Anime Premieres This April

rpg real estate

Some new details have arrived for the RPG Real Estate anime, which adapts the RPG Fudousan manga by Chiyo Kenmotsu. The series is officially set to premiere this April, and the opening and ending theme performers have been decided.

The opening theme, “Make Up Life!,” will be performed in character by Kotone Kazairo (VA: Honoka Inoue), Fa (Hina Kino), Rufuria (Natsumi Kawaida), and Rakira (Manaka Iwami). The ending theme will have Maneki Kecak performing “Awesome!”

Doga Kobo is producing the anime.

Kenmotsu’s series follows a mage named Kotone as she takes on a job as a real estate agent and helps find new homes for fantasy characters ranging from necromancers to a guild receptionist with a pegasus. Not only does the RPG in the title bring role-playing games to mind, it also stands for Rent, Plan, Guide, which is exactly what Kotone helps folks do.

Here’s the first promo that debuted back in October:

Via Crunchyroll