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Robotics;Notes Stage Play Commercials

Just in time for Golden Week, last Friday saw the opening of a Robotics;Notes stage play in Japan. It’s not the first of 5pb.’s science adventure visual novels to hit the stage—Steins;Gate was also adapted in stage play form—but we can get a look at the latest thanks to a pair of commercials.

Directed by Kōtarō Yoshitani, the production is running through May 12 at the Space Zero Hall near Tokyo’s Shibuya station. Cast members include Ryōta Ozawa as Kaito Yashio,  Arisa Komiya as Akiho Senomiya, and Kimito Totani as Subaru Kidaka, among others. Whether you’ve checked out the anime adaptation already or haven’t dipped into the series at all, preview how it plays out on stage below.

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