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Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2 Trailer Takes Us on a Date With Ruka


It’s time for another date with a character trailer ahead of this July’s premiere of Rent-a-Girlfriend season 2! The latest preview centers on Ruka Sarashina, who stars in a video and date visual to hype up the adaptation’s return.

Watch the trailer below, followed by a lovely café date with Ruka in the new visual.

The cast and staff from Rent-a-Girlfriend season 1 are back for more this time around, including director Kazuomi Koga, script supervisor Mitsutaka Hirota and character designer Kanna Hirayama.

Crunchyroll streamed the first season of the Rent-a-Girlfriend anime as it aired and sums up the story like so:

Kinoshita Kazuya is a 20-year-old failure of a college student. He managed to kiss his girlfriend once, but was dumped after a month. “Ugh… Damn it. I never want to go through that again.” Completely spiteful, Kazuya uses a certain method to date a girl. He goes to their meeting place and suddenly hears, “You’re Kazuya-kun, right?” A beautiful girl brushing her long, black hair behind her ear was there, smiling at him. Her name was Mizuhara Chizuru. Something real is born after just a single rental! A reckless rom-com filled with love and excitement is about to begin!

Via Comic Natalie