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Reminder: Tokyoscope Giant Monster Talk this Friday

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t had a chance to experience one of the Patrick Macias hosted lectures over at NEW PEOPLE yet, because the next one is a real doozy. For those of you not located in or near San Francisco, trust me, I feel your pain.

On Friday, May 7, Patrick will be leading an all out giant monster attack on… giant monsters! Kaiju films are the treat du jour, and he’s bringing with him two more of the foremost experts on both these shores and Japan.

August Ragone and Tomohiro Machiyama will join him in showing off memorable moments in kaiju history, and waxing nostalgic in general on everyone’s favorite rubber-suited monstrosities. Also expect primo giveaways, all leading up to Viz Cinema’s own brand of monster madness.

Here’s Patrick’s original announcement of the event.

As a bonus, you can listen to Patrick talk about the event, and Otaku USA, in full over at the latest Toxic Graveyard podcast.