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Join Patrick Macias for an Evening of Japanese Heroes

We can all identify with the existence of those otherworldly masked wonders in one way or another, but who is that familiar man with the windblown hair dressed up as Kikaida’s Jiro below!? Why, it’s none other than our fearless Editor-in-Chief, Patrick Macias, pictured once again leaping to save the day with an informative Tokyoscope talk.

Previous editions of the Tokyoscope series ranged from Pink films to Yakuza cinema, and this next one is a real treat for fans of rubber-suited heroics. Tokyoscope Vol. 5: “Japanese Superheroes” features Macias, along with the legendary Tomohiro Machiyama and titan of all things tokusatsu, August Ragone.

Together they’ll explain the history behind wonders such as Kamen Rider and Ultraman, how they all came to be and what makes them so doggone awesome. While this was announced a few days ago, it’s of especially extreme significance now thanks to the new flyer whipped up by the always incredible Kazumi Nonaka (AKA Batty Cheese).

If you happen to be in the general vicinity of Viz Cinema, be sure to pick up tickets for the July 9 event ($10).

Source [An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla]