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Do You Remember? Site Looks Back at the Anime of 2008

2018News site Anime Anime had a fit of nostalgia this week, listing some of the anime that was on the tube 10 ten years ago in 2008.

Some of the series the folks at Anime Anime listed were moderate-to-big hits with folks in the West, like Macross Frontier, Soul Eater and Library War. Others clearly made a bigger impression in Japan than over in the States: I’m not sure I’ve ever even heard of their top choice, Kyoran Kazoku Nikki.

Though Anime Anime was strictly looking at series that premiered in spring, other notable 2008 shows included Chaos;Head, Blade of the Immortal, To Love-Ru and my personal favorite, Michiko & Hatchin.

Ah, 2008: those four numerals, placed sequentially, still look the same.

Any favorites from 10 years ago?

Source: Anime Anime

Matt Schley

Matt Schley (rhymes with "guy") lives in Tokyo, and has been OUSA's "man in Japan" since 2012. He's also written about anime and Japanese film for the Japan Times, Screen Daily and more.