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Relive Emotional One Piece Moments in Vivi-Centric Cup Noodle Ad

one piece

Misa Watanabe is jumping back into the role of One Piece‘s Vivi, and this time it’s for the third in the series of “Hungry Days” collaboration commercials with Nissin Foods’ Cup Noodle brand. This one continues to reimagine the manga and anime’s cast as high schoolers, and the focus of the latest is Vivi.

In the ad, Vivi is a high school girl who has to say goodbye to her friends and transfer to another school. Naturally, this serves up a great opportunity to shout out some of One Piece‘s most memorable and emotional moments. Check out the stunning results in the 30- and 15-second versions below.

If you missed, or just want to rewatch, the first two videos, you can see the Zoro CM here, followed by the Nami CM.