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Quality Assurance in Another World Anime Drops 1st Promotional Video

The very first promotional video for the upcoming anime Quality Assurance in Another World (a.k.a. Kono Sekai wa Fukanzen Sugiru in Japanese) has just been released. It also lets us know about two more members of the cast.

According to the video, Reiji Kawashima will play Amano and Rie Takahashi will play Akira. It had previously been revealed that Kaito Ishikawa plays Haga, and Hinaki Yano plays Nikola.

Quality Assurance in Another World is set to debut sometime during spring next year.

There is some information available on the crew. The anime is being made at 100Studio and Studio Palette, with Kei Umabiki, who worked on the second season of ClassicaLoid, helming the project as director. The person in charge of writing and overseeing the series scripts is Shogo Yasukawa, who is known for working on the Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma anime. Credit for character design goes to Shigeo Akahori, whose background includes helping design the characters for Record of Ragnarok. Meanwhile, the art director is Kenichi Tajiri, the sound director is Takeshi Takadera, the photography director is Ayako Otsuki, the color designer is Sakie Suzuki, and Emi Onodera is in charge of editing.

The Quality Assurance in Another World anime is based on a manga series by Masamichi Sato, which is published in America by Kodansha USA Publishing. Kodansha gave this description for the plot:

Nikola is just a village girl working at the inn…until the day dragons invade, and she meets Haga, a scholar of everything around him. He’s a part of an elite society called “Seeker,” created to address a series of maladies plaguing their usually peaceful world. But both Nikola and Haga have secrets they hide…ones that will change each other’s very existence…

The manga made its debut on Comic Days from Kodansha back in 2020.

Source: ANN


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