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After Settlement, Crunchyroll Might Owe You Money

Justice Department Probes Sony’s Crunchyroll Acquisition

A class action lawsuit against Crunchyroll, LLC has ended with the parties settling out of court. Crunchyroll was accused of giving away subscribers’ personally identifiable information to third parties, without the subscribers’ permission. The lawsuit said this was a violation of the Video Privacy Protection Act.

Crunchyroll agreed to the settlement, but has not admitted to any wrongdoing. Instead, it says it is choosing to settle because it doesn’t want to deal with the amount of money a court case would cost as well as the uncertainties a court case would bring. It denies breaking any laws.

The Kroll Settlement Administration noted:

You are included [in the settlement] if you are a Person in the United States who, from September 8, 2020 through September 20, 2023, (1) was a registered user of an online website, mobile app, or any video-on-demand service or app owned, controlled, and/or operated by Crunchyroll; and (2) viewed videos on an online website, mobile app, or any video-on-demand service or app owned, controlled, and/or operated by Crunchyroll.

Persons included in the Settlement will be eligible to receive a pro rata (meaning equal) portion of the Settlement Fund, which Class Counsel anticipates to be approximately $30.00, but the exact amount is not yet known and could be more or less.

If you are part of the settlement, you must take action by December 15 by submitting a claim here. If you are entitled to money but do not take action, you will not receive anything, because other people are not going to make the claim on your behalf. You also have the option of objecting to the settlement, and in that case you must take action by November 27.

There will be a hearing on December 19, and you can request to give your opinion on the settlement to the Court. If you’re involved in this, read this website thoroughly before taking any action.

Source: ANN, Kroll Settlement Administration


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