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Put Sailor Moon’s Silver Crystal on Your Face with This Moisturizing Powder
Sailor Moon moisturizing powder

Fans of Sailor Moon will remember the Silver Crystal, used by Queen Serenity to send the Sailor Senshi to earth.

Now the Japanese market is getting a moisturizing face powder based on the Silver Crystal. Prepare to put some moon magic on your face!

The powder, which is called Miracle Romance Pretty Guardians Color Powder, will be released by Bandai in December, and will retail for ¥4,860 (about $45).

The powder balls come in five colors, representing—you guessed it—the five sailors themselves.

It’s currently up for pre-order via Premium Bandai. We can’t think of a better way for Sailor Moon fans to keep their skin supple in the cold winter months than with the power of the Silver Crystal.

Sailor Moon moisturizing powder

Source: Mantan Web

Matt Schley

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