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Light Novel About Pair of Postmarked Panties Gets Anime Series

How many anime series start with a pair of panties sent in the mail?

Here’s one that will, anyway. Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasuka?, a light novel series about just that, has been given the anime green light.

The series by Tomo Hanama, whose title translates to something like “if I’m cute, will you like me even if I’m a pervert?” launched in 2017 and is currently up to seven volumes. There’s also a manga adaptation running in Dragon Age magazine.

The story revolves around high schooler Keiki Kiryu (Hiro Shimono), who gets a love letter in the mail from a secret admirer that includes said admirer’s panties—a pretty perverted thing to do, as the title suggests. Keiki must discover who the admirer is, and encounters a whole lotta perverts along the way.

The series also features busty upperclassman Sayuki Tokihara (Ayana Taketatsu) and cute underclassman Yuika Koga (Rina Hidaka).

More pervy details to come as they’re revealed.

Source: ANN

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