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Pokemon Lingerie Collection Hits Japan

As we’ve noted recently, the Pokemon franchise is now 20 years old, meaning those who grew up with Pikachu and pals on the schoolyard are now of hunk-loving, lingerie-wearing age.

Japanese lingerie maker Peach John (the Victoria’s Secret of Japan, basically) is attempting to capitalize on the grownupness of these Pokefans by debuting some Pikachu-inspired lingerie that you may find a bit… shocking.

The first item, the Pikachu Plush Bra, modeled by Monica Sahara, Risa Nakamura and Tomoco Nozaki was, unfortunately, made only to promote the line and isn’t actually for sale.

That’s not the case, however, for the Pikachu Towel Poncho, Panties, Pajamas and Eye Mask, and Pokeball Laundry Pouch, all pictured below.

The collection goes on sale April 20, when we suspect a lot of women will be saying “I choose you, Pikachu!” all over again.

Source: Model Press

Matt Schley

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