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Pokémon GO Grandpa Now Plays with 64 Phones

pokémon go grandpa

Last year we posted an update on Taiwan’s Chen San-yuan, also known as the grandpa made the news for using a bunch of phones to play Pokémon GO. He ended up going viral at the time, and was even swooped up by a mobile phone company to serve as their ambassador and show off his boosted 20-plus phone setup.

Now, somehow, that rig has gotten even more impressive.

According to a report on The Verge, San-yuan has gradually been increasing his phone count to catch even more Pokémon on the go. 2019 saw him increase his arsenal to 45 smartphones, and his latest upgrade balloons that count to a staggering 64 smartphones mounted on the front of his bicycle.

Will he evolve even further in the future? We’ll have to check back in and see!

Via The Verge