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Pokémon Go Grandpa Who Catches ‘Em All in Style Becomes Cellphone Spokesperson

pokémon go

When your claim to fame involves using a ton of smartphones to play Pokémon Go, a mobile phone company is bound to express some interest. That’s what happened to Taiwan’s Chen San-yuan, AKA the Pokémon Go grandpa who went viral last year for using nine phones attached to his bicycle to play Pokémon Go throughout Taipei in style. Now he has even more phones to go along with his new job as Asus Zenfone ambassador.

Here he is representing Zenfone at an Asus press conference last month, via @SCMcrocodile.

Chen San-yuan now has 22 phones affixed to his bike. Just imagine the high-level Pokémon mastery he can attain with such a mighty rig.

Source: Apple Daily via Kotaku