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Pokémon Baked Goods Take Off in South Korea, Partly Thanks to BTS

Pokémon baked goods have been a hot commodity in Japan for years, and now they’re really taking off in South Korea.

Just last month South Korean food producer SPC Samlip said they’d be selling these Pokémon goodies, and they haven’t had to wait long for amazing results. In just one week, 1.5 million units of different Pokémon baked goods were bought in South Korea. The food with the highest sales are the Team Rocket Chocolate Rolls. Some fans have been wanting the tasty and iconic foods so much that there are stories of people arriving at sunrise to get into stores right away.

Then on March 10, RM from the K-pop phenomenon BTS helped sales by putting up a short-lived Instagram Stories post where he revealed that he’s a Pokémon baked goods enthusiast and begged, “Please sell more.” And anything that someone from BTS likes is going to be on the wish lists of many fans.

Many people in Japan have been excited to see the popularity of something from their country in another country. And many also hope there are enough Pokémon baked goods to go around, especially for the main fans: kids. SoraNews24 gave a sampling of responses from Japanese people online:

“I could go for one of those right now…”
“I usually buy one when I go shopping with my child. I hope it’s not going to be sold out now.”
“Once celebrities support a product, it can become difficult to buy. I hope that doesn’t happen to the kids.”
“That takes me back. I miss collecting the stickers when I was a kid.”
“I heard sometimes people buy it just for the stickers and throw away the bread. I hope that doesn’t happen too much.”

Have you ever had Pokémon baked goods, and what did you think of them?

Source: SoraNews24


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