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Play Kanpani Girls and More for Free at the Nutaku Gaming Portal

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recently launched as a brand new gaming portal for Japanese games, and it’s already home to one of Japan’s most popular online RPGs, Kanpani Girls. Developed by DMM—the team behind KanColle, AKA Kantai CollectionKanpani Girls is a turn-based RPG with over 1 million monthly active users. If you want to get in on the action right now you can

The cutthroat world of business is already frightening enough, and the stakes are even higher in Kanpani Girls. Players take on the role of the CEO of an all-girl mercenary group with the aim of raking in a massive fortune. To do so you’ll need to recruit the right people and fill out your R&D team to discover weapons that will come in handy in all the battles ahead. 

If you can recruit, train, and deploy the best of the best, you just might have a shot at the grand fortune on the horizon. Making the journey a little easier are the fantastic character designs by Non, Tsugumi Runa, Osamu, Okaza Kioka, and more. Add in top voice talent, as well as music and sounds by renowned composer Kenji Ito (the SaGa and Mana series), and you can see why Kanpani Girls is in such high demand.

Those who sign up to play Kanpani Girls or other games—including card-battling action-adventure game Angelic Saga Online—will also get a head start on gold to enhance their experience.

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