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Persona 5 Continues with New Project Tease and Anime Special

persona 5Persona 5 the Animation just aired its Dark Sun TV special, but there’s already another on the way.

Protagonist Joker is hard at work training for his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate debut, but the saga of the Persona 5 RPG doesn’t appear to be over.

Can anyone stop the Phantom Thieves?

If the latest teases are anything to go by, the answer is a definitive no. After registering some related domain names, Atlus went ahead and teased something they’re calling P5R for right now. The details won’t be revealed until March of 2019, but you can see a teaser that kicks off with the PlayStation logo below.

The best guess is this being an updated version of Persona 5. While we’re on the topic of March 2019, though, that date has further significance for the franchise. March will also see the debut of another TV anime special titled PERSONA5 the Animation: Stars and Ours.

Here’s the tease for that one:

Via Gematsu