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People Writing As Anime Stars Donate to Help Children

demon slayer watches

A sweet story in Japan has been gathering news. The Naka Ward in Yokohama City received a donation of 3,000 yen (a little under $29) with a note that said:

“It’s a little early, but here’s a Christmas present. I hope it can help bring some smiles to the children of the world this Christmas.

Tanjiro Kamado
Miyuki Hoshizora”

But the thing is that people called Tanjiro Kamado and Miyuki Hoshizora probably didn’t give this donation. Tanjiro is the star of Demon Slayer, and Miyuki is from the Pretty Cure Series. It’s more likely people who wish to remain anonymous but want to spread a little cheer with anime references.

According to SoraNews24,“Miyuki” has been periodically donating to the children in Yokohama, but credit also going to “Tanjiro” is new. In the past, “Miyuki” has given monetary donations, book store gift certificates and more. This most recent monetary gift will be used in child welfare work.

Source: SoraNews24


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